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Abdominal & Back Supports

Are you looking for abdominal and back support braces in Brampton? If yes, you have landed at the right place. At Bramalea Healthcare, we are your local foot care specialist offering a wide range of back braces and abdominal supports to opt for. If you are suffering from constant back pain, a back brace can help you get the exact comfort you need.

In addition, an abdominal support provides complete trunk support by redistributing the extra body weight, thereby preventing the muscle strain, stretch and pain. It is extremely beneficial for patients dealing with post-abdominal surgery recovery, lumbar stabilization and pregnant ladies.

Back & Abdominal Braces & Belts

When it comes to physical health and wellness, proper support to the back and abdomen is the key. With braces and assistive devices, you can boost the flexibility and movement of your back without any strain. Some common ailments relieved with an abdominal back brace includes lower back pain, back strains/sprains, lumbar disc injuries and rib cage support.

At Bramalea Healthcare, we proudly stock effective and rightly manufactured back and abdominal supports, braces and belts in the industry, including lumbosacral supports, maternity supports and rib belts. Choose from the popular brands and get the most out of your back and abdominal support today.

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