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Skin and Nail Care Clinic Brampton

Among the heel pain and several other foot conditions, the most common ones are the underlying skin and nail issues. Feet are more prone to warts, ingrown nails, lesions, corns and calluses due to day and night movement without any rest. Whether you are suffering from a foot nail injury or a fungal infection, our Brampton chiropodists at Bramalea Healthcare are here to treat your foot troubles with custom foot care treatments.

Some of the common skin and nail conditions we treat:

1. Ingrown Toenails

If your nails start to grow inwards, they’ll dig into the flesh of your toes and cause immense discomfort or sometimes pain. This can put you down or limit the activities whenever the inflamed surrounding tissues in the toe nails get swollen and infected. If so, get your foot examined by a podiatrist for the right foot and nail care. We’ll remove the curved edges of nails so they won’t grow inwards again.

2. Plantar Warts

Plantar wart is a common foot problem that consists of thick skin lesions caused by a virus. Warts are barely noticed and quite uncomfortable to walk with. They may cause tremendous pain, abnormal gait changes, and noticeable limping. The condition can be transmitted to others if an infected patient walks barefoot on the floor. If you are suffering from skin infection in foot, such as plantar warts, our foot specialists in Brampton can treat to provide quick and long-lasting relief from the skin and nail conditions.

3. Fungal Nail Infections

Nail infections in toes are more common compared to those in finger nails. These infections are the result of fungal growth which is often the result of visiting swimming pools, beaches and sauna. Dermatophytes are the major organisms responsible for causing fungal nail infections. If you are suffering from a nail infection and wants a quick relief, don’t ignore the problem and visit our foot care clinic in Brampton right away.

4. Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is an inflammatory skin disease which affects the foot sole and the area between the toes. This leads to a scaly, red and raw eruption which causes weepy and oozing blisters. Since athletes who run for most of their time mostly suffers from this foot condition, it is often called as Athlete’s Foot. Our registered chiropodists perform the proper diagnosis and tests to finalize the right treatment to cure your foot blisters.

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