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Why custom orthotics are essential for diabetic patients

January 11, 2019

Why custom orthotics are essential for diabetic patientsAs the saying goes: ‘prevention is the best cure!’. It goes without saying; diabetic feet require extra attention and care. From pressure sores to neuropathy, diabetic feet face an array of discomfort. At Bramalea Healthcare, it is our mission to prevent these issues at the root. Our certified Chiropodist will conduct a full assessment of your toenails, skin as well as your GAIT. We offer a range of diabetic socks to cushion your feet and promote circulation. Further the customized orthotics are covered with Plastazote©, a material used by Chiropodists that is specially formulated to provide a glove-fit of the patients foot, preventing any rubbing which often leads to ulcers and blisters. The common cause of excess friction is over-pronation (rolling in of the foot and flattening of arches). Our custom orthotics corrects this by evenly distributing body weight over the entire surface of the foot, thereby reducing friction and pressure. Schedule your appointment today – your feet will thank you tomorrow!

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