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Ankle & Foot Supports

Among all our body parts, feet and ankles are at a higher risk for injuries and pains. Both of them supports the body weight and movement to carry out several physical activities. Right from forward to backward and lateral movement, ankles and foot assist in walking, running and moving. Ankles prevent foot injuries during strenuous activities.

Ankle Sprain Treatment Braces & Supports

At Bramalea Healthcare, we care about your ankles and foot by providing a wide range of ankle braces. They are helpful in treating various underlying conditions such as stretches, sprains, achilles tendonitis, ankle swelling, chronic ankle instability, foot drop, tendon injury and others. We also have ankle and foot supports that are perfect for post-operative use and preventative recovery.

Get Your Perfect Bunion Foot Brace

If you are suffering from severe foot conditions, bunion foot brace can provide a quick relief and comfort you need. With a foot support and brace, adequate pressure is built upon a bunion that won’t allow your foot to slip. It also secures your toe in place with a soft foam inserted in the tender area. With this foam pad, it provides protection to your foot.

Bramalea Healthcare offers a wide range of custom manufactured foot supports and braces depending on your condition and needs. Made from quality materials, our products are durable and ensure continued performance and desired range of motion.

If you are not sure about the size of your foot and ankle brace, feel free to consult our Brampton podiatrists for the right prescription.

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