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5 Common Foot Problems That Need Orthotics

March 26, 2019

Foot ProblemsOrthotics are devices that are made to align your foot in the anatomically efficient position. They help to lower the stress and strain on your body by putting your feet into the alignment. Using orthotics, you will not need to include other devices like foot pads, ankle braces, shoe inserts and other similar devices.

Anyone suffering from pain in the foot, leg, knee, back, arch and heel can use the orthotics to lower the pain. Apart from this, the other foot problems when you may need orthotics are as given below:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
    It is one of the common reasons behind the heel pain that is caused by the trauma to the heel. Although plantar fasciitis can be found in all age groups, it is especially found in the middle-aged people and mostly happens due to high arches, excess weight, etc.
  • Flat Feet
    Flat feet caused by genetics or can develop with your growing age or some other health problems or injuries. Diseases like diabetes and cerebral palsy, obesity can result in fallen arches. Overall, the flat feet can deliver several issues such as shin splints, hammer toe, bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc.
  • Bunions
    When the big toe of your foot starts to deviate inward in baby toe direction, it causes bunions. The tight, narrow-toed and uncomfortable footwear is responsible for developing the risk of bunion formation.
  • Hammertoes
    This is the condition when your toe bends abnormally at the first joint. It happens if your toe muscles get out of sync with one another. If you ignore, the condition can remain life long. It will be better to correct it in an early stage.
  • Achilles Tendonitis
    Athletes and people who commonly don’t wear proper footwear often suffer from achilles tendonitis. It happens due to the repetitive strain of the tendons and brings pain and stiffness in your lower leg.

Orthotics are the one-stop solution to handle all the problems listed above. Whether you are suffering from these problems or want to improve your foot performance, contact us at Bramalea Healthcare to get custom-made orthotics and right treatment.

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