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Toe Deformities

Toes are digits in your feet which are at an equal risk of deformities and pain as do feet are. Since they are associated with walking, running and other similar activities, they are at a higher risk of getting spurs and sores. Moreover, there are several deformities such as bunions, bunionettes, hammer toes, clawed digits and mallet toes that can arise from walking barefoot. If you are suffering from any of these deformities, feel free to consult our Brampton based chiropodists at Bramalea Healthcare.

Some common toe conditions include:

Hammer Toes

Hammer toe is a common deformity which makes your feet or toes bend downwards from the middle joint. Though this condition can affect all the toes, the more risked one is the second toe. Sometimes a person wears a tight fitting shoe which forces the toe to bend forward to adjust. This condition is usually painless and can be treated with several toe stretching exercises.

Mallet Toes

Mallet toe is a condition which causes the toe to bend downward from the third joint, thereby giving it a mallet-like appearance. In addition to this, corns or calluses may develop over the deformed toe due to the friction against the shoe. Mallet toes can be corrected by wearing orthopaedic shoes and focusing much on the foot care.

Clawed Toes

Clawed toe is a rare deformity which affects all toe joints along with the cavus foot. It is often the result of hyperextension of the joints that actually arises from an altered structural anatomy and /or neurological disorder in the toes which causes muscle imbalance. If you are suffering from clawed toes, straightaway reaches our foot care specialists for the right treatment.


Bunionette is also a rare toe deformity condition which occurs at the first joint. In this condition, the fluid sac over the lateral side of the fifth joint becomes inflamed and causes constant pain. To relieve the discomfort, a patient can do padding at the affected toe. If nothing helps at treating the condition, a surgical correction may be needed.

So, these are few common toe deformities which you should get examined and treated as soon as possible to prevent any discomfort. At Bramalea Healthcare, our registered podiatrists are here to ease your foot troubles by providing the right foot care treatment and supplies.

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