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Custom Orthotics

Are you looking for the right orthotics and support to provide the essential comfort to your feet? If yes, Bramalea Healthcare is here to design and manufacture custom made orthotics and insoles that fit your feet properly. In the medical terms, orthotics are medical, orthopedic devices which are used in conjunction with the various treatment methods to provide quick recovery from the foot ailments.

When you visit us for the treatment, our chiropodists will take the accurate measures of your foot size to craft a unique pair of custom orthotics that are a comfortable fit even when worn inside the shoes. Due to exact and proper fit, these orthotics allow normal foot movement along with decreasing the uneasiness and pain.

Proper Fit Orthotics Available In All Sizes & Shapes

At Bramalea Healthcare, we measure, fit and special order custom orthotics. Our products are manufactured at Bio Orthotics Lab. If you are looking for custom orthotics in Brampton, your search ends here. All of our foot orthotics are manufactured by creating a positive plaster cast from the cast or impression that we take of your foot at our facility.

Whether you need a small or large size orthotic in any shape or material, we provide them all. By wearing them, your foot can be protected against several sudden injuries, abnormal biomechanics, and other foot problems. Few types of orthotics we manufacture include soft, rigid and semi-rigid orthotics. If you are looking to order the right orthotics for your foot, place your order with us.

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